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August 21, 2020
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Many times, SEO experts are only remembered in the stage of preparing a project for launch after development or redesign. A specialist comes to the”ready” website, forms the essential corrections. But, suddenly, goes against the notion that the designers employed to adhere to.

Disagreements between the two instructions (SEO and layout ) result in additional costs for outstanding fluctuations in the site. A totally consistent site, with all the latest design trends implemented, but without SEO marketing will not receive organic traffic. At precisely the same time, the best (when it comes to search engine requirements) platform, that lacks great design alternatives, will finally cease to carry out its function. Therefore, SEO and Internet design turn out to be equally important on the evolution phase.

Why should a site have the ideal layout?

First of all, excellent layout — isn’t merely qualitatively elaborated shadows and pleasant colors. Good layout is mainly useful: when the interface is user friendly, a guest will immediately discover the information he or she wants. The quality of the pictures is particularly important if your site is an online shop or offers visual services. In such circumstance, the images should be of the maximum quality possible. Pictures have to be taken by an expert photographer, retouching can be done on your personal computer, or arranged through online services such as this one.

In 2018, specialists from McKinsey reported on the assessment of the financial impact of the plan, having researched approaches in 300 companies around the world.At site from Our Articles Would be wrong to say that there is a direct dependence on earnings development, based exclusively on visual components. Regardless, it is a must for any project success.

Another important point to mention: a properly implemented design works no matter the particulars, sphere, and type of support (the study examined companies from different areas, including medicine, banking solutions, science, and etc.).

But the start of a site with user-friendly and pleasant to the eye architecture isn’t a guarantee of profit growth: there’s more to it. A area of visual representation has a huge number of sources that permit you to get feedback from the consumer and ascertain the points of expansion. The use of the optimizer at the progression of the site’s graphics massively depends on advertising, as well as SEO. The effect of a website with high-quality visual components and a suitable focus on SEO-promotion will be stronger when the two of these tools are used in an integrated way, complementing each other.

The search engine promotion and visual elements of the job are closely connected and interdependent since they both play an essential role in setting the behavioral factors of the website. Web design, in turn, is concentrated on making the site convenient for the consumer.

However, site promotion in search engines does not start with an analysis of how the user behaves onto it, to be able to determine whether the project meets the needs of search engines. Link Building is also necessary during website marketing. Most website owners do not understand how to purchase backlinks. All things considered, the very first user has to be brought to the site from Google.


How is the information regarding the company, services/goods set on the pages of the website? Is it easy to browse through the sections and to determine where the desired information is?

While developing the construction of this site it is necessary to find out the amount of nested pages in agreement with their significance to each other. Separately, you should pay attention to the way the navigation is technically implemented.

Ideally, the URL addresses of webpages should be fully consistent with the hierarchy of their navigation chain. When all inner pages of the website have exactly the same degree — it is not great for the site. Moreover, depending on the degree of the webpage, its visuals must have some adjustments.


The simple navigation element is your menu, it visually reflects the structure of the website and enables the user to move rapidly between segments. Because of this, it should be accessible from all pages and include links to all the key sections.

Besides this menu, navigation may also consist of such elements as”breadcrumbs”, filters and sorting of goods, links to comparable substances or goods, etc.. Everything which helps the consumer to obtain the essential information immediately is extremely important. All fundamental links ought to be readable for humans and indexable by search engines.


Content is the cornerstone of search engine promotion. Determining the best amount and choices for articles on the landing pages isn’t a simple procedure. Moreover, it should be perfectly placed into the visual area of the website. To bring the pages of the website to full operational readiness requires the investigation. So let’s denote only the most crucial elements to pay attention to:

  • Information about services and goods. Everything which concerns a company’s activity: price, specifications, examples of job, etc..
  • That is a visual representation of the activities. To start with, we are speaking about pictures, but the video format is growing more and more relevant.
  • Yes, even they are not necessarily wanted, but quite often it is an objectively crucial component. A competent presentation can attract visitors.


Let’s start with the notion that headings are completely indispensable. There are a number of principles concerning their appropriate use:

  • On a single page — one main header H1. It ought to have the main phrase or word that describes the heart of the page.
  • It is vital to discover the hierarchy of key words. By way of example, H1 should never be placed below the heading H2.
  • Cross-cutting parts of the site should be made of all CSS styles, and not employing some other H headings.

In terms of site layout, the exact rules are supplied in the legislation of typography, but experience demonstrates that celebrating these demands at the stage of technical implementation isn’t always accessible.

Architecture of webpages

We are talking about the compositional arrangement of the principal elements of each webpage. Based on the jobs, it is essential to ascertain the priority of each element and place the accents.

As an instance, the first thing that should grab the attention of the consumer of the internet store — would be a list of goods with a photograph, costs, and also a concise list of basic capabilities. At the identical time, the individual that has obtained on the webpage of the information source should know at the same time, if he or she will locate the solution to the question or not.

Probably, in the near future, with the look of data on the efficacy of the webpage, its structure will be corrected to improve the result. Nevertheless, the basic elements must be defined beforehand and have more”burden” among other content.

Page loading rate

This technical index is increasingly important for search engines and impacts the place of the website directly. It’s already quite possible to predict a different standing element. Evaluating the rate of the site is possible using the service PageSpeed Insights (Google).

The main principle: you have to implement the visual component and operational elements of the site so that they have as small load onto it as you can. It’s very important to the user to have a positive first impression of the website, and a lengthy load can significantly undermine it. Optimal page load time — no more than two moments.


As we can observe, SEO and Internet design go together during the period of a website’s development. A job with a capable design is a powerful marketing tool. Its development should be based on consumer requirements and demands of the most important traffic origin search engines.

Website development without one of these two specialists will entertain a potentially large price. Alliance involving designers and SEO-specialists should be complementary, and essential to every stage of the development, beginning with the beginning of the site creation.

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