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October 7, 2020
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October 7, 2020

The most distinctive feature of this web browser is the number of topics and modes offered to users. They can change the background color, start page, address bar, tab position, and many other options. Vivaldi allows you to add “stacking” and “teaming” tabs, bookmark notes, and install extensions designed for Google Chrome. Considering personal data collection, Brave implements Anonize technology that uses cryptographic zero-disclosure evidence techniques. This technology implies transactions based on the “anonymous accounting” method.

Along with that, the Brave browser has a built-in Brave Rewards adblocker. Brave is not such a popular browser; however, it is gaining popularity and the circle of dedicated fans.

Who could think that one day, we will choose the web browser based on its level of security? This software was always considered just as a medium between a user and the Internet. Therefore, we all were picking the most beautiful and convenient option.

Its functionality is marked with high-level privacy protection, users’ Internet safety, and compatibility with all known platforms. On the bright side, Firefox doesn’t gather your data to show you targeted ads. And regular updates ensure that your privacy remains safe. But despite all the attempts to make it the fastest browser, Firefox is still slower than Chrome. Also, Mozilla had several weird decisions like forceful installation of a plugin that scared many users away.

  • One needs to consider updating the BIOS only if you are facing some performance issues or other problems that necessitate you to update the BIOS.
  • One needs to be careful and know how to update the BIOS; else it could brick your entire system.
  • BIOS is, after all, a piece of software that needs to be regularly updated, just to the operating system or the apps in general.
  • You can just jot down the BIOS number and match it against the latest version from the manufacturer’s website, if needed update the same.

Still, you should always have an antivirus program installed on your computer, and consider using a VPN service. And choose the most secure web browser possible in addition to the antivirus software and VPN, if you use one.

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Firefox has gone through auditions, and the results prove that Mozilla doesn’t lie about the advantages of this browser. It is open-source and rather fast, and doesn’t require many resources yet gives protection against tracking and canvas fingerprinting. This software uses 30% less CPU than Google Chrome, and that’s a significant difference. You should remember that you can’t really be safe online, even with the most secure web browser. So we have listed options that don’t demand many resources yet offer some additional protection.

🌍 Firefox Add

As you can see from the name, the Waterfox browser is based on Mozilla Firefox. Perhaps it is the most popular browser of this kind, which is why it got to our review. Waterfox is among the most unnoticed open-source browsers. Developers saw one of their goals in creating the fastest browser for 64-bit computers.

But at some point Chrome became more attractive, and users forgot about Opera. And that’s quite sad because this browser is rather high-quality.

Waterfox earned its popularity just because it implemented YouTube Downloader download free support for 64-bit operating systems back when Mozilla Firefox was 32-bit. Waterfox is based on Firefox ESR and therefore supports traditional Firefox XUL extensions and NPAPI plugins. Besides, Epic protects search query data by incorporating a secure search engine kernel into it and blocks many different types of trackers, including scripts, cookies, agents, etc.

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